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Journal of Human Settlements in West China

The Journal of Human Settlements in West China is formerly known as Interior Design founded in 1986, which officially changed its name in 2013. Journal of Human Settlements in West China, as the first comprehensive academic journal in China under the name of human settlements, will pay extensive attention to the major scientific problems faced by urban and rural human settlements from a global perspective based on the western regions and oriented to both domestic and international authors and readers. The aim of publication is to adhere to the scientific spirit of truth-seeking innovation, explore the theoretical frontiers and practices of human settlements science development in China, promote the interdisciplinary innovation, provide academic discussion and communication platform for the interdisciplines such as urban and rural planning, landscape architecture, architecture, urban environment and urban ecology, and facilitate the academic exchange and improvement of human settlements science.


The journal has implemented the special contributors system, two-way anonymous review system, as well as five trial system, attached importance to digital publishing and digital journal construction, realized the dynamic and open knowledge links, and integrated the academics, knowledge and practice with real-time updates on Weibo and WeChat official accounts. Focusing on the basic theory and construction practice of mountain human settlements, based on the related disciplines of architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture, Journal of Human Settlements in West China will be committed to highlighting the interdisciplinary innovations, exploring the new methods and technology, digging new ideas, inheriting the mountain human settlements construction experiences and knowledge, as well as developing interactive communication platform with international counterparts.


Journal of Human Settlements in West China is an academic journal authorized by National Press and Publication Administration and Ministry of Education, and has been elected as “Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations” (2018, 2019 Ver.), “2018 The Beauty of Periodicals in China”, “The First Class Journal of Chongqing Municipality 2018” and “The Beauty of Periodicals of Chongqing Municipality 2018”. In Aug. 2019, Journal of Human Settlements in West China was selected into the “Quality Periodicals Exhibition for the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China”. Journal of Human Settlements in West China is among retrieval systems and databases of the AMI Comprehensive Evaluation Report of Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (2018 Expanded Ver.), Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE) Compendex, China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI), WANFANG DATA, VIP Information, International DOI Chinese Publication Registration and Service Center, Chinese Humanities and Social Science Citation Database (CHSSCD), Chinese S&T Journal Citation Reports (CJCR) Expanded Ver., Chinese Academic Journals Comprehensive Citation Report (CAJCCR), Chaoxing “Publications”, Baidu Library, etc. Journal of Human Settlements in West China was awarded “Excellent Journal of Ministry of Construction”, “The Recommended Academic Journal by Architectural Society of China”, Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database (CAJCED), “Academic Promotion Achievement Award” by Chongqing Architectural Design Institute, “Academic Frontier Research Award” by Urban Planning Society of Chongqing, several Excellent Periodicals Works Award of Chongqing Municipality, Honorable Mention and Nomination Prize of Jin Jingchang China Urban Planning Excellent Papers co-sponsored by Urban Planning Society of China and JIN Jingchang Urban Planning Education Founds for two consecutive years, namely, 2018 and 2019. Journal of Human Settlements in West China is the recommended academic journal of Urban Planning Society of China, Architectural Society of China and Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, the only authorized academic journal of the “Architectural Education Union of Southwestern China”, and currently the deputy chairman unit of the Editorial and Publication Committee of Urban Planning Society of China.


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