Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university in China, directly under the State Ministry of Education, it is also one of the "211 Project and 985 Project” universities. CQU is located in Shapingba District, a cultural and educational center in the city of Chongqing. 


Dai Zhizhong

Dai Zhizhong, professor, doctoral supervisor. Email: dzz6038@163.

Wei Hongyang

 Wei Hongyang, professor, doctoral promoter.Email: weihongyang@vip.

Lu Feng

Lu Feng, PhD, professor, doctoral supervisor. Email:

Tang Hua

‍‍Tang Hua, professor. Email:

Chu Dongzhu

​Chu Dongzhu, Professor, PhD. Email:

Yang Yuzhen

Yang Yuzhen, PhD, professor, PhD supervisor. E-mail:

Shuyang Deng

Shuyang Deng   professor, Ph.D supervisor and head of the architecture

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