Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university in China, directly under the State Ministry of Education, it is also one of the "211 Project and 985 Project” universities. CQU is located in Shapingba District, a cultural and educational center in the city of Chongqing. 


Three achievements of CQU win 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award

The Ministry of Education has recently released its decision on the Outstanding Achievement Award for Scientific Researches of Colleges and Universities in 2017 (Science and Technology). A total of 319 projects have won awards. Chongqing  University wins two first prizes for progress in science and technology as the leading organization, and one second prize for natural science as one of the participators.


The “R&D and industrialization of outstanding and efficient forming equipment for base parts made up of high-performance engineered cementitious composites” directed by Professor Wang Jiaxu of the School of Mechanical Engineering wins the first prize for progress in science and technology. The Project has been engaged dedicatedly in research and industry-university-research collaborative innovation to solve a critical problem that the existing equipment at home and abroad is unable to produce high-quality core base parts and components made up of high-performance engineered cementitious composites in a large scale and efficient manner. Eventually the research team proposed a multi-disciplinary innovative design and manufacturing theory and method for manufacturing equipment of high-performance base components and parts with low noise, no contamination, low energy consumption, high precision, high reliability and long service life. In particular, the research team has successfully developed the first 1,200t super-large base component and part forming equipment in the world, which can meet the great need in important engineering areas such as ships, aerospace, rolling stock and weaponry.

The “non-linear coupled fluid-solid theorem of coal petrography and its fracturing and anatonosis technology” completed under direction of Professor Yin Guangzhi of the School of Resources and Environmental Science wins the first prize for progress in science and technology. The research team has carried out extensive and systematic research of the non-linear coupled fluid-mechanics theorem of coal petrography and its fracturing and anatonosis technology by conducting a number of multi-physics field coupling tests such as the coal petrography stress field, seepage field and temperature field using the non-linear coupled fluid-solid series test system developed independently by the research team. By doing this, the research team provided theoretical foundation and technical support for safe and effective exploitation of coal and gas. This technology has been applied in more than 10 coal mines in Henan, Sichuan and Chongqing, and has created noticeable economic and social benefit.

Professor Deng De’an from the School of Material Science and Engineering has participated in the “research of precise modeling for mechanical behavior evolution, defects and energy quality transmission in the process of material welding” of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which has won the second prize for natural science.