Chongqing University (CQU) is a key national university in China, directly under the State Ministry of Education, it is also one of the "211 Project and 985 Project” universities. CQU is located in Shapingba District, a cultural and educational center in the city of Chongqing. 

International partnerships

International Collaboration and Exchanges

    FAUP pays much attention to international educational and academic collaboration. It has established strong relationship with over 20 architecture schools or departments from international partners, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, UC Berkely,Washington University in St.louis , University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Florida in the United State;University of Manitoba, University of Toronto, University of Calgary in Canada; Ecole Ntionale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris La Villette, Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Versailles, Université de Nantes in France;University College London, University of Sheffield, University of Cardiff in UK; TU Berlin in Germany; University of Politecnico di Milano, University of Rome, and University of Florencein Italy; The University of Melbourne, Queensland University of Technology in Australia; Waseda University, Kobe University, and Kyushu University, Hokkaido University in Japan. FAUP endeavors to incorporate ideas of international education and academic research with its regional educational characteristics in order to explore the better future of education and research in FAUP.