English-taught Programs Overview

Master in Architecture

School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University


The purpose of the program is to develop a platform of architectural education in response to the rapid urbanization worldwide. The program offers a nationally accredited professional Master degree, Master in Architecture, featuring characteristic theory and practice of hillside architecture design. As one of the oldest and top architecture schools in China, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning gives graduate students the opportunity to pursue advanced learning in professional knowledge and independent design research.

Course description & Research Fields

We offer a range of master’s courses that are built on the core strengths of academic staff. Each master’s course prepares you with the academic and professional skills to further your career and is tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of students. Our research is grouped into four main areas----Architectural Design, Architectural History and Historical and Cultural Heritage Protection, Technology for Architecture and Engineering and Urban Design. Each postgraduate student will be supported by a supervisor who facilitates your progress along the way. The supervisor will help you to shape your research, guide you in professional development, and support you in delivering your findings to a wider audience. To gain a master’s degree, you will complete at least 33 credits and produce at one dissertation.


Core modules

Year 1

  • Basic Chinese(64 hours , 4 credits)

  • Theory and Practice of Scenic Area and Protected

    Area Conservation Planning(32 hours, 2 credits)

  • Ecological planning & design: principles and application paradigm( 32hours, 2 credits)

  • Building Technology(32 hours, 2 credits)

  • Chinese Contemporary Architecture & Urban Development Criticism(32 hours, 2 credits)

  • Elementary Chinese(64 hours, 4 credits)

  • China Panorama(taught in English) (32 hours, 2 credits)

  • Theory of Community Development and Planning(32 hours, 2 credits)

  • Design Course(48 hours,3 credits)

  • Research Methods(32 hours,2 credits)

  • Advanced Lectures(48 hours,3 credits)

  • Theories of Urban Design(32 hours, 2 credits)

Year 2

  • Literature Review and Thesis Proposal(1 credit)

  • Academic Activities and Lectures(complete before pre-defense)(1 credit)

  • International Academic Interchange(complete before pre-defense)(1 credit)

  • Dissertation(15 credits)


3 years full-time

Medium of Instruction


Entry requirements

Admission will be granted by the admission board taking into account applicants’ academic background, motivation, language skills, and if applicable, professional experience. One of the basic entry requirements for the program is a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject (architecture, urban planning or landscape architecture) and a thorough knowledge of English.

English language requirements

Since the courses are taught in English, all applicants must be able to read, follow lectures and express their thoughts in fluent written and spoken English. Applicants whose native language is not English need to provide score report of English language proficiency test (a score above IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL Internet-based 80 or equivalent), or a certificate from former university that the previous degree is taught in English, or a certificate indicating the applicants have studied in an English-speaking country for more than one year.

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