The School of Architecture and Urban Planning of Chongqing University attaches great importance to internationalization. We have strong connections with more than 20 world-renowned architectural institutions in the United States, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Malaysia. We actively promote international collaborations and exchanges through joint teaching and research, collaborative designs, international conferences, academic exchanges and student mobility.


  • Dual-degree Programs

Master’s dual-degree program with University of Sheffield, UK

Master’s dual-degree program with University of Cardiff, UK

Master’s dual-degree program with University of Florida, USA

Master’s dual-degree program with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Bachelor’s dual-degree program with University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA


  • Study Abroad Programs (Long-term )

Our students have the opportunity to spend part of their degree in our partner universities such as the University of Sheffield, the University of Cardiff, Politecnico di Milano,Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, National University of Singapore, University of California, Berkeley, and University of Nebraska Lincoln. It is a semester or one year based program that enables our students to enrich international experience of study, research and practice.


  • Study Abroad Programs (Short-term )

We provide students with tailor-made short term programs within our international teaching network. The programs are specially designed upon request, combining architectural courses with field visits. Our students are able to gain exposures to top architectural institutions and expand cultural awareness in diverse contexts. Until now, we have organized such programs successfully with University of Sheffield, National University of Singapore, and University of Malaya.


  • English-taught Programs for International Students

We particularly welcome incoming international students to study at our faculty. Our international community has had more than 200 international students from 64 countries in 5 continents, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Chile, and Fiji etc. We have been dedicated to developing six English-taught master’s and PhD programs in Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture. The prospective students have the chance to study with us with a grant offered by Chinese Government or the university.


  • Contacts

Address: Liaison Office, Room 5116, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University